Programme structure

The Master Programme is built on existing tracks within each partner university and involves three stages: 1) A starting track during semester 1 and 2 at one Partner University, 2) Advanced teaching modules during semester 3 at a second Partner University, 3) a Master thesis project during semester 4. The MSc tracks in the four universities are highly complementary and will provide IMABEE students with a wide choice of possibilities (Figure 1).



1) Possibility to Get a Double MSc Degree

The International MAster of Biodiversity Ecology and Evolution, unlike a classical Erasmus exchange programme, offers the unique possibility of getting a double MSc degree.

This double degree will depend on the chosen combination of universities and teaching modules within the Master programme (see organization section for more detail)


2) An asset for getting a job

Governments & employers are increasingly acknowledging the importance of an international dimension for graduates. Having international experience is truly an asset for employment :

Among others see the URL


3) Discover new horizons, experience foreign culture, and enhance your personal development.

Studying abroad provides you with better international and cultural awareness, often considered a crucial skill for employment.


4) New study environment, learning and teaching methods as well as academics who have a different perspective

Completing your second year of study at a partner university will expose you to different forms of teaching and studying. This is an excellent way to broaden your knowledge and to get new ideas, shaped by unique international perspectives that you may not have considered before.

By going abroad, you will study at universities which have an outstanding reputation in education. You will be able to follow courses in subjects that are not taught at your home university. Our partner universities have experts, facilities and resources (including natural resources) not available back home!

5) Easy application
Another advantage of our international master is the easy application procedure. You will receive assistance in registration and in finding accommodation through the International offices of the universities in the Consortium.