Can I apply for an ERASMUS grant in Rennes?

Yes, for all the combinations.

For the the university of Rennes1: see housing, scholarships and international affairs

What are the tuition fees I will have to pay ?

A table is provided to explain tuition fees (i.e. see Fees in the Website). Within IMABEE, the cost is the same as the regular tuition fees you are paying within the 4 universities of the consortium (i.e. from 0 € to 2000€ depending on the University). It is possible for students to apply for different scholarships depending on the Universities (see specific informations within applications).


What internationally recognized English proficiency certificate are accepted and which levels ?

IELTS 6.5, CLES B2, TOEFL paper-based test (580 in Rennes and Amsterdam, 560 in Aarhus, 567 in Göttingen), TOEFL computer-based test (237 in Rennes), TOEFL Internet-based test (92-93 in Rennes and Amsterdam, 83 in Aarhus, 85 in Göttingen) and others.

More information available on the website; additional information can be provided upon request.