The aim of this Master programme is to train students to become research scientists in Ecology with particular emphasis on understanding the ecological and evolutionary processes which shape biodiversity in complex environments, and on the management of environmental resources, but with a broad enough background to ensure fruitful cooperation with specialists in other fields. The goal of the programme is to educate a new generation of researchers in biodiversity, ecology and evolution who are able to contribute to a better under­stand­ing of biological resources in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in a truly integrated manner, and develop management tools for predicting and optimizing their exploitation.


This International Master programme is organized at the highest possible level by the consortium through bundling of its complementary expertise on:


-Functional Ecology

-Landscape Ecology

-Aquatic Ecology (freshwater systems)

-Evolutionary Ecology

-Community Ecology

-Behavioural Ecology

-Ecological Modelling

-Population genetics

-Environmental genomics

-Nature conservation biology

-Plant and animal systematics, evolution and phylogeny